Ocean Breath CD

Music evocative of the Indian Ocean and the beautiful coastline of Western Australia.
Over the last year, Breath have been creating improvisatory journeys from evocative, meditative soundscapes to rhythmic dance numbers.

Ocean Breath is available for listening and download here: http://annemnorman.bandcamp.com/album/ocean-breath

It is also available on other music sites such as CDBaby and iTunes.

Want to buy a real CD, not just an electronic download?
Email info@didgeridoobreath.com
and we will post you a CD for AUD$30 plus postage.

Ocean Breath CD cover
Ocean Breath CD cover


Sound engineer Lee Buddle at CRANK studios in Perth

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Our CD has been released from the confines of Crank Studios! It is now out there… Yay!

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  1. Nico C says:

    This is a greaat post

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