Breath Artists

  • Sanshi 三枝 芳隆 plays didgeridoo and lives in Fremantle, Western Australia
  • Reo Matsumoto 松本玲央 is a beatbox from Yokohama, Japan
  • Anne Norman アン・ノーマン is a shakuhachi player based near Melbourne, Victoria

日本語:アーチスト  プロフィール

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About the ARTISTS:

AnneNorman04ANNE NORMAN is a shakuhachi performer, improviser and composer, working in a diverse range of music creation. An intuitive performer, Anne enjoys spontaneous improvisation with musicians, dancers, actors, poets, visual artists, installation artists and tea masters. Originally trained on flute, Anne took up shakuhachi in Kobe under Nakamura Shindo in 1986. In 1990 she received a two year grant from the Japanese Government to further her studies of shakuhachi performance at the Tokyo University of Fine Art and Music under Yamaguchi Goro, also studying a third lineage under Tajima Tadashi in Osaka.

Anne has a Masters in Ethnomusicology (Monash Univ) and a Bachelor of Music (Melb Univ). In addition to her performance schedule, she tours to schools throughout Australia with taiko drummer Toshinori Sakamoto, presenting an interactive Japanese Music program.

In 2009, Anne authored the book Curiosi-tea, since creating several tea-based theatre shows including her Nonchalant Bombasi-tea with Tea Master Adam Wojcinski (Ueda Soko Ryu) and her AFTERNOON absurdiTEA with Camellia Cha, featuring musicians from Tibet, India and China for the OzAsia Festival in Adelaide. In 2014 she will be part of a TEAm leading a tea & music adventure into the wilds of Yunnan, China.

Anne is featured on many CDs and has performed in concerts and festivals in Australia, Europe, America and Japan.  More here: Anne

SANSHI (Yoshitaka Saegusa) is a Japanese contemporary didgeridoo player living in Fremantle, Western Australia. Sanshi started playing didgeridoo in 1997. His passion took him to Arnhem land, the home of didgeridoo, where he met the didgeridoo master Djalu Gurruwiwi and his family. Sanshi was adopted into their family and given an aboriginal name “Malarra” (meaning Manta Ray). He performs as a solo artist, collaboration artist, studio musician and in the trio “Breath”.  Sanshi had played with several musicians and artists, from modern electro music to classical music, world instruments, dancers, live painting artists and live poetry readings. Sanshi’s didgeridoo performance techniques, variety of percussive rhythms and diverse range of sounds are ground breaking. His CDs include: “Chikyu” (meaning Earth); “Bansuri”; “Ancestral Spiral” and other collaboration albums have also been released. After the March 11 Earthquake disaster in 2011 in Japan, Sanshi has participated in charity concerts, and as a result, has realised music is a powerful tool for creating positive steps towards helping others. Sanshi is married to Jodie and has two beautiful children. He also runs a didgeridoo shop “Didgeridoo Breath” in Fremantle, and is a highly respected teacher of didgeridoo globally, teaching online on the Didgeridoo Dojo.  More here: Sanshi

REO MATSUMOTO is an internationally acclaimed beat-boxer from Yokohama. He enjoys imitating sounds from every day life, including many kinds of music, always striving to duplicate the sounds around him through his own mouth. In 2009 and 2012 he performed at the showcase of the world Beat Box Championship in Berlin, and in 2010, his beat-box trio Humanism won 1st prize in the team battle contest of the Japan Beat Box Championship, Tokyo. 2013 has been a big year for Reo with the release of the Ocean Breath CD in Australia; a music retreat to Nepal; touring for several months throughout Europe performing in festivals in his duo Matsumoto Zoku with Halo player Koji Matsumoto; and his one month tour of Japan with the trio Breath.  More here: Reo

Associate Breathers:

Breath enjoy collaborating with other artists. These are some of the artists Breath has performed with so far:

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