tech-stuff ステージセットリスト

Technical requirements for staging BREATH

The Venue supplies/御用意していただくもの:

  • Boom mic stand x1 (Shakuhachi)
  • a piano stool or small low table for placing 4 shakuhachi on
  • a low mic stand x2 (didgeridoo and Bell)
  • a knee high box or stool for didgeridoo to rest on while playing
  • balanced XLR mic leads
  • mixing desk with reverb
  • sound system (amp, speakers)
  • fold back (with 3 separate sends if possible)
  • a sound engineer manning the desk (where possible)
  • マイクスタンド1本(尺八用)
  • 尺八用テーブル(4本並べます)
  • マイクスタンド小2本(ディジュリドゥ・Bell用)
  • 膝丈の箱もしくは腰掛(ディジュリドゥ演奏用)
  • ミキシングデスク(リバーブエフェクトがかけられるもの)
  • サウンドシステム、アンプやスピーカー
  • モニタースピーカー(できれば3本)
  • 音響係1人(できれば)

The band supplies/持参するマイク:

Sanshi (didge)ディジュリドゥ:

  • LINE6 XD-V55L Digital Wireless System. XLR out (Lavalier mic Premium cardioid condenser microphone)
  • SHURE BETA98H/C Clip On Instrument Microphone, Cardioid, Condenser. XLR out, 11 to 52V phantom power
  • AKG D5 Handheld Dynamic Microphone, Super cardioid, XLR out

Anne (shak)尺八:

  • AKG Condenser mic C5, XLR out. This has a mic clip and needs phantom power and a mic stand and mic lead please.
  • AKG Perception wireless UHF, with SR45 receiver, Transmitting on channel 3. XLR out. The SR 45 operates within a switching bandwidth of up to 30 MHz in the 500 to 865 MHz UHF carrier frequency range and offers up to 8 selectable carrier frequencies.

Reo (mouth percussion and chant)ビートボックス:

  • AKG D5 Handheld Dynamic Microphone, Supercardioid, XLR out

Please confirm with the band your equipment prior to the gig. Contact Sanshi


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