Breath Trio

Anne Norman – shakuhachi 尺八
Sanshi – didgeridoo
Reo Matsumoto – voice percussion

Breath plays music rooted in the moment: Intuitive music-making that builds evocative soundscapes and then bursts into rhythms that makes you want to get up and dance. Combining the haunting and meditative sounds of shakuhachi with the mesmeric and pulsing drone of the didj and the playful soundscapes of Reo’s mouth and breath.



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“Crème de la crème fusion” – Melbourne Didgeridoo Festival

“The highlight of the festival … absolutely international class. BREATH is one of the most important groups on the Australian music scene. A remarkable combination of traditional Australian and Japanese instruments and post-modern beat boxing. Collectively they leave audiences gasping… Leila Gurruwiwi of the Galpu Clan … was utterly blown away by this innovative combination.” – Dean Frenkel, Melbourne Didgeridoo and Cultural Festival organiser.

These three players bring an incredible combination of talent, sounds and colours:
Anne conjures melodies that sing through the shakuhachi, inspired by the time and place, and the sounds offered by her musical partners;
Sanshi plays didjeridoo with a power and creative flare that combines rhythms of Arnhem land with street tribal;
Reo simply astounds with what he is able to create with his mouth. There is a synthesizer and drum-kit hiding in there somewhere!

2012.06.11, West AustraliaにあるPerthのBodhi Tree Caféにて行われた映画「Ashes to Honey」の上映祭にて演奏を初披露し強烈な世界観と存在をあらわにする。

Anne Normanによる一度聴いた時から呪文を唱えられたかのように記憶から離れない美しく、また魂の深層にて瞑想を呼び起こすかのようなメロディー。

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1 Response to Breath Trio

  1. Yoshimune says:

    Amazing music! I was enjoyed your sound a lot today.
    Thank you very much for playing in Kumamoto-Australia music fes.
    your melody made a world that is attractive, relaxing, passionate, and meditating.
    I was surprised that those three unique different instruments make such a quite impressive music.
    I love those sounds. I want to go other your concerts!

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